Malaria Breakthroughs: From Mindsets to Medicine with Dr. Daniel Emerling

A Podcast by Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria

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Malaria Breakthroughs: From Mindsets to Medicine with Dr. Daniel Emerling

In this insightful episode of ‘LeaderVoices’, host Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria sits down with Dr. Daniel Emerling, a seasoned neurobiologist and biotech leader, to discuss his extensive career in the biotech industry and his innovative work on developing therapeutics for various diseases. Dr. Emerling shares his personal journey from a curious child to a pioneering scientist, delving into the philosophies that have shaped his approach to life and work. With over 20 years in the industry, Dr. Emerling offers a unique perspective on embracing failure as a path to success, the importance of an explorer’s mindset, and the profound impact of scientific work on society.



"Discovering things that people hadn't seen before isn't a privilege, it's awesome. It's an amazing thing to get to experience. And if it happens to become useful, great. If it doesn't, at least the experience was fun and interesting."

“We have a lot of characters in us, and we tend to think of ourselves as unitary. I mean, that is the concept of being me. I am just me. I'm one thing. But in reality, we are these different things, these different traits, and they come out stronger or weaker at different times.”

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About Your Host: Sadhna Bokhiria

Founder & CEO, KIRIA Research

As a CEO of KIRIA Research, Sadhna leads her research firm advising the biotech and pharma sectors, notably influencing over $283 billion in client revenue in 2023 alone. Known for her quick wit and authentic leadership, she is revolutionizing cancer treatment by integrating psychosocial factors and humor into patient care. Dedicated to philanthropy, she partners with healthcare institutions to provide housing for cancer patients, and provides scholarships for underprivileged children in India, exemplifying the impact of perseverance and positivity.

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