Code Blue, True You: Finding Your Calling

A Podcast by Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria

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LeaderVoices podcast is a deep-dive exploration into the multifaceted world of “for-purpose” leadership. Are you driven to leave the world a better place? This podcast is for you. Each episode, we dig into stories and sparks from “for-purpose” leaders, coaches, comedians, luminaries, and everyday heroes from around the globe. Tales of impact and failing forward, of aspirations and innovations — and the infinite and inspiring ways that social purpose leaders lead and make the world a better place.

Code Blue, True You: Finding Your Calling

Join our host Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria as she welcomes Dr. Ron Cohen to the LeaderVoices Podcast. Dr. Cohen shares his intriguing journey from a career in medicine to becoming a biotech innovator. Discover how he blends his love for the humanities with his expertise in biotechnology to push the boundaries of medical science.

In this episode, Dr. Cohen delves into the challenges of the U.S. healthcare system, the ethical considerations in biopharma advancements, and the power of effective communication in science. He also sheds light on how collaboration between academia and the pharmaceutical industry can enhance patient care.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that offers both inspiration and insight into the evolving world of biotechnology and healthcare.



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"We're not getting the best that our society has to offer, which ultimately hurts everyone who's a part of it."

About Your Host: Sadhna Bokhiria

Founder & CEO, KIRIA Research

As a CEO of KIRIA Research, Sadhna leads her research firm advising the biotech and pharma sectors, notably influencing over $283 billion in client revenue in 2023 alone. Known for her quick wit and authentic leadership, she is revolutionizing cancer treatment by integrating psychosocial factors and humor into patient care. Dedicated to philanthropy, she partners with healthcare institutions to provide housing for cancer patients, and provides scholarships for underprivileged children in India, exemplifying the impact of perseverance and positivity.

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