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Your Host: Sadhna Bokhiria

President & CEO, KIRIA Research

Sadhna Bokhiria is the President & CEO of KIRIA Research, a biotech & pharmaceutical advisory firm that specializes in international market access strategy. Notably, her company’s tailored health system intelligence drives the delivery of the world’s most promising drugs and drives the growth of her clients’ multibillion-dollar assets. 

Known for her quick wit and authentic leadership, Sadhna’s research on the psychosocial factors that impact survivorship in cancer patients was published in partnership with the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center. This research led her to begin exploring the ways in which laughter impacts healing in cancer patients, which later inspired her research on stand-up comedians. 
Her research explores the ways in which humor impacts psychology, physiology, resilience, and leadership. 
It supports the notion that humor is intelligence.
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About LeaderVoices:

LeaderVoices is a show about leaders, and their infinite ability to change the world. Each episode in LeaderVoices, we dig into stories and sparks from “for-purpose” leaders, coaches, comedians, luminaries, and everyday heroes from around the globe. Tales of impact and failing forward, of aspirations and innovations — and the infinite and inspiring ways that social purpose leaders lead and make the world a better place.

This show is brought to you by the American Express Leadership Academy alumni Network and leaderstories.org.

LeaderVoices is audio engineered by Ravi Lad and produced by Kree Pandey and team at OTVO Digital. Special thanks to Caitlin Johnson and Michael Chang.

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Episode 7: Code Blue, True You: Finding Your Calling with Dr. Ron Cohen

Join our host Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria as she welcomes Dr. Ron Cohen to the LeaderVoices Podcast. Dr. Cohen shares his intriguing journey from a career in medicine to becoming a biotech innovator. Discover how he blends his love for the humanities with his expertise in biotechnology to push the boundaries of medical science. In this episode, Dr. Cohen delves into the challenges of the U.S. healthcare system, the ethical considerations in biopharma advancements, and the power of effective communication in science. He also sheds light on how collaboration between academia and the pharmaceutical industry can enhance patient care. Tune in for an engaging conversation that offers both inspiration and insight into the evolving world of biotechnology and healthcare.


Dr. Ron Cohen

President & CEO, Acorda Therapeutics

Episode 6: Bigger Than Depression

Could depression be an asset in your leadership? Elsie Ramsey, founder of the nonprofit Bigger than Depression, says it can. She says depression has helped her navigate workplaces, build lasting relationships, and promote her ideas. Comedian Tristan Bowling is in a different place in his journey. Sadhna talks with both about the profound insights they’ve learned about leading through and with depression and anxiety.


Tristan Bowling


Elsie Ramsey

Founder, Bigger than Depression

Episode 5: A Period Piece - Menstruation and Leadership

Did you know that there are more than 5,000 euphemisms for menstrual period around the globe? It’s a truth of life that is often kept silent. A recent study found that a third of male workers think it’s “inappropriate” to discuss anything to do with menstruation in the office. In this episode, we’re talking about it, with two thought-provoking leaders who have a lot to say on what it means to be a menstruator – from the perilous effects of menstrual stigma and sanitary supply gaps, to the power of “cycle syncing” and so much more.


Wendy Aura

Executive Director, Young Women Leaders Connect

Alyx Coble-Frakes

Founder & CEO, The Agenda.Period.

Episode 4: Successor Success for Certain

Change is challenging — especially at the executive level. Studies show that the period around a nonprofit founder's departure is an especially vulnerable time for the organization. In this episode, Sadhna links up with two powerful leaders who stepped into CEO roles when their founders passed them the leadership torch. With the right approach and support, successor success is certain.


Abby Robinson

Claire Louge

Episode 3: Rock Star Women Equalizing Gender Gaps

Not all rock stars are household names. In this episode, Sadhna introduces us to two rock star women — Wendy Rockwell and Jaclyn Boyes — who are changing the world through their passion, power, and influence on policy. Through their determination to impact not just their own careers but expand opportunities for others, these women are leaving a mark on the globe that will transcend generations. From equal pay to racial justice, these rock stars are rocking it!


Jaclyn Boyes

Regional Senior Vice President, West at Per Scholas

Wendy Rockwell

Director, Market Access National Account Team, Calliditas Therapeutics

Episode 2: The Dream Theme

Are you relentless in the pursuit of your dreams? Sadhna sits down with Mbao Ngula, director of ProjectEDUCATE and stand- up comedian Paul Virzi to talk about following one’s dreams with passion and purpose…..For a dream without a plan is simply a wish. If you haven’t listened to Episode 1: Dream Big, Dream Bold, you don’t need to listen to it first, but you won’t want to miss it!


Mbao Ngula

    Paul Virzi


      Episode 1: Dreaming Big, Dreaming Bold

      Sadhna sits down with Wesner Pierre, Senior Managing Director of Programs at Harlem Children’s Zone, on how he mapped a big, bold dream - and made it his reality. Some very special insight from Executive Leadership Coach, Brian Wood (who after a 30-minute session, inspired Sadhna to quit her job) and 72-year-old breakout comic star Billy O’Connor.


      Wesner Pierre

        Brian Wood

          Billy O’Connor

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            Writer, Host, & Executive Producer

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